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Terms of service

we are a customer's company

All customers, visitors of www.sgitsolution.com.com automatically get into a contract with SG IT Solution to view and use content available on our website or at the time of making a buying decision on our website. You are recommended to read all terms and conditions carefully. For any query or support requirements you can write us at support@sgitsolution.com


All text content, product information available on this website is a property of SG IT Solution. We allow free readable information about products and services and allow them to use it as per the product licenses purchased from our website. All the content available on this website, products sold and every other service must be used for ethical purpose only and any illegal use or any practice, behavior will be considered “breach of contract”. Once the contract is not available, we do not provide any service, assistance or support.


Most of the products displayed on this website are originally developed by our team and we hold full right to sell, resell them depending on our current business requirement or customer demand. All re-developments and modifications must be done by our team only. All software downloaded from this website must be used as per license purchased. For example “Basic” package can only be used by single company and on single installation.

Redistribution of software without SG IT Solution’s content will be considered as “breach of contract” and company has full right to take legal action against the defaulter.


All prices mentioned on this website are subject to change with our without prior information to customers or stakeholders associated with SG IT Solution. However in case of existing customers price revisions are not done without prior information which is also a rare activity.


All software sold on this website come with advance payment plan. Payments made on this website are non-refundable in nature. Refunds are applicable only in case of software applications that are not processed from our end. If the order is processed and communication is sent to customer, there is no refund issued.

If the order was placed by mistake and the customer initiates refund request (sent to our official email id) refunds are made after deducting 10% of processing charges or total order amount. Processing fee is also waived in limited cases after reviewing the case by our company.

Refunds will not be processed if the customer places an order for an incorrect product and the product delivery is initiated or the order is processed.


In case you are looking for something unique that is not available in the list you can always write us to receive a detailed quotation. Just send in your complete contact information and we will get back to you with a possible solution.


SG IT Solution offers four main packages for most of its software applications (basic, advance, premium and lifetime) and each one of them if different from each other. For basic understanding about packages information is available in following lines but they are subject to change depending on current market requirements.


Basic package is designed for those people looking for instant solution for their business requirements and have a limited number of users. This is the easiest of them to set up because client only makes the purchase and rest all is done by our team. It’s hosted on a common platform where customer does not have to buy a domain or hosting service.


Most of the components match with basic apart from number of users. This one has slightly more number of users and more features.


Premium package come feature loaded with all the features and in most cases an unlimited number of users. In case of premium application is individual hosting is given as an option and if required software downloading is also permitted.


In case of lifetime subscription software / application is provided with validity of 100 years or in some cases with absolutely no expiry date.


Renewal charges are applied on software applications or services that have limited access. For example you are buying software with validity of 1 year. You will receive a renewal request in your email 30 days prior to the renewal date to ensure continued services. The reminders are sent multiple times to ensure they are not missed. If the account is not renewed on or before the due date services may discontinue.


In case of lifetime services there are no annual or monthly renewal are paid by customer. Software remains active for a maximum period of 200 years (as default expiry for a software) considered as the lifetime of specific software. For more information on this one you can write us on email provided in the first paragraph of terms page.


Anyone associated with us a reseller is entitled to re-sell our products and services with a fixed or variable margin. However prices remain same for end customer and any re-seller or vendor cannot sell price more than the actual price.