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RWA Software

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rwa software

RWA software is a wonderful software for society management. All the information will be available on you fingertips in few clicks.

RWA software is an amazing application that works to manage resident database.

You can manage your society on mobile phone including many important things and day to day operations.

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What makes the RWA software special

The best part of our rwa software is that this society software addresses day to day rwa management issues. RWA software solves many challenges housing societies are facing these days. From parking data management to monthly maintenance collection and resident database.

Our software does all for you in just a few clicks.

RWA on Mobile
Manage your RWA using mobile friendly interface.

Maintenance Collection
Manage your monthly maintenance collection using software.

Our software will automatically generate invoices.

Resident Login
All residents get their login ID and password.
Manage database of all vehicles of valid / registered parking

Resident Support
Inbuilt resident support system for residents.
Manage Transactions
Manage day to day transactions or your society in ledger format.
Income Tracker
Income tracking software keeps track of earnings

Export data
Export data in Excel
Visitor Tracking
Maintain records for all visitors